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SALE! Pure Virgin Coconut Oil 200ml
SALE! Pure Virgin Coconut Oil 200ml

100% Natural

Recommended for: soothing distressed skin & reviving damaged hair

Let this deeply soothing, deliciously fragrant coconut oil sweet-talk your skin and hair into pure, silky-soft tranquility.
✓ Light and fast absorbing
✓ Calms angry, very dry skin
✓ Smoothes rough, abused hair
✓ Pure and cold-pressed
✓ Sourced from a USDA-certified organic farm
✓ Perfect for: skin suffering from red patches and flaking, hair with split ends and heat damage

Good for Others. This premium grade organic coconut oil from a USDA certified organic farm in Quezon province gives small-scale farmers up to 10x their usual daily income from low-value farming.

CLEARANCE! This product is best before July 23, 2022.

   I am an absolute avid fan of this VCO!! I use it as my lotion for my whole body, It heeled my dry heels. And even used it for body massage. I just added a few drops of your HN Lavender oil and Eucalyptus Oil for the relaxing effect of the scent and for relief of tired muscles. I agree...  
- Lucienne (06/11/2018)
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100% Pure Cocos Nucifera (virgin coconut) oil To learn more about our natural ingredients, click here

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