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Being faithful stewards of our God-given talents and natural resources, we will give the best of ourselves to urgently and sustainably build a global company which will showcase the best of the Philippines and uplift all our people, especially the poor through providing affordable, quality, natural products.
We will be the gold standard of a globally successful enterprise with a heart that will embolden all businesses to better serve society.
Faith in Action
It is faith that drives us as a company. Faith led us to build Human Nature and it is faith that continues to embolden us to build a global company that will uplift all people, especially the poor.
Bayanihan is a beautiful Filipino word that translates to "a spirit of communal unity and cooperation." We are one family that joyfully supports each other. As we strive to work together, we strengthen each other and the bonds that link the Human Nature bayanihan chain.
We keep our commitments. We courageously uphold honesty and truthfulness in all our dealings.
We believe we can be the best in the world. We constantly strive towards improvement and innovation every day.
We recognize that everyone and everything is a gift from God. We seek to bring out the greatness inherent in each one.
Literally meaning "to bleed," this Filipino value requires one to give of oneself until it hurts. We build hope for others when we put their interests above our own. We seek to serve rather than be served.
We will always be there for those in need - to give, to guide and to grow.


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In line with this new Advocate Program, we’ve also implemented some changes to our sales tax and shipping policies. Read about them here.

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